Marketing Requires a Growth Mindset

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 3.45.46 PMThe web environment is ever-changing.

Algorithms are almost fluid. We can always do better as marketers. We can always learn new methods and search for that elusive combination that brings the ROI of our dreams. A marketer should not fear changing strategy mid-course.

I have marketed for several industries over the years. Certain marketing channels, or a creative combination of channels, work better for some industries over others. If we tweak those existing marketing methods a certain way, it may improve conversion or click-through rates.

I will always challenge the status quo. Always look for new opportunities.

Whether they are small changes or big changes, change is a requirement for the marketing industry.

So, what is a growth mindset you ask? It means that learning is fluid and in a constant state of flux. We can learn something every day until the day we die.

A fixed mindset means that your intelligence is set in stone. It can’t be improved upon so why try? Those with a fixed mindset are comfortable with the knowledge they have.

The digital marketing industry changes every day, that’s why I work hard to keep up, stay current and do the research required to give my clients the best service I can.


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