There really IS a science to online marketing.

In case you’ve always wondered, there really IS a science to online marketing. It all kind of makes sense too.

Dan Zarrella gave a great webinar recently about his research findings for when to tweet, when to retweet, when to set up email campaigns to go out and when to post blogs. For those of us in the business, it was riveting!

Let’s cover twitter first.

The highest activity for retweets? Between 2-5 pm. The later in the week, the better.

For Click Thru Rates (CTR)? Highest on the weekends, or on Wednesday, usually between 11-5 pm.

Also, don’t be afraid that you’re tweeting too much. 22 tweets a day is actually optimum. Remember that many of your friend have thousand of followers, so the chances that they will see every tweet is low. Make every tweet informative. t’s fine to retweet the same link out, but you have to change your comment. Twitter won’t let you send a tweet more than once.

On to Facebook.

Posting every other day is optimum. You don’t want to flood your friend’s feed, which is easier to do on FB.

Most post sharing is done on the weekends. Remember that many employers ban social media sites so weekends are pretty active on FB and Twitter.

Believe it or not, 1-3 am is the best time to post to FB.

Finally on to Blogging.

People read blogs mostly in the morning, then it declines steadily throughout the day. More men read blogs at night than women.

Just know your audience. There are no big differences between B2B and B2C businesses because people check their work emails/twitter on the weekends too.

Finally, check your own best Retweet time by going to

Dan said to try different times and see which ones work the best for you and your audience.

Hope this helps, it helped me!

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