We are in love with our smart phones, aren’t we?

We are in love with our smart phones, aren’t we? Boy, if I leave mine at home, even for an hour, I feel like I’ve lost an arm!

Whether you prefer iOS or android, people have discovered the value of having these handheld computers at all times. Of course, as marketers we see this as a huge opportunity for businesses both large and small.

First of all, what is a mobile device? Smart phones only or does that include ipads & tablets?

Actually, only 9% of all tablets that are owned by consumers have 3G or 4G capability. All other tablets are wi-fi only.

A true mobile device is an untethered device, that truly goes everywhere you go. So, a mobile device is a smart phone or other untethered, handheld device that has internet access.

Today about 68% of internet traffic comes from a mobile device. That’s almost shocking to me! But on the other hand, what an incredible opportunity for us marketers!

In the next 2 years we will see the rise of mobile marketing, location marketing for brick & mortar businesses will grow and our love affair with mobile devices will continue.

Hop on the mobile train today and be one of the first to discover the power of mobile marketing!

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